Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

St George’s Academy has an ongoing commitment to ensuring that all our pupils have access to good quality impartial careers advice, thereby ensuring that each pupil has the best possible foundation on which to base their future choices and pathways.

Careers support is provided throughout the whole school and in Life Skills lessons at all Key stages. Each student has access to information in the Careers Centre and in the Library at the Ruskington Campus.

The Careers Office is staffed from 8-4pm Monday to Friday (3.30pm on Friday).
Head of CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance): Sophie Macdonald
Operational Careers Lead: Donna Jarvis
Assistant Head of Sixth Form / UCAS: Jane Webster

If you wish to get in touch, please email Careers Office or ring our direct number 01529 301177.


St George's Academy Certificate of Commitment

Careers Education at St George's Academy

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Unifrog Logo
Every St George’s Academy student from Year 7 upwards has access to Unifrog, a careers platform where students can:

  • explore different careers, 
  • find out about their personality and what career would suit them
  • write a CV and UCAS personal statement 
  • find out about universities both in the UK and overseas, colleges and apprenticeships
  • record their careers journey
  • watch webinars on a range of different subjects

Instructions to use Unifrog:

  • To log in, click on the link here
  • Enter your school email address 
  • Click ‘forgotten your password?’ 
  • Set up a new password that you will remember. 
  • Start by completing the Interests profile and the personality profile

Careers Interviews

Careers guidance interviews are provided by Complete Careers but careers staff can assist your child with any questions they might have about their future pathways.