Why study Business and/or Travel?

We champion students to become confident, employable individuals, who have developed a wide range of skills, especially team working!

  • Business and Travel provide an opportunity for students to develop a range of skills and techniques in preparation for the ever-changing world of business and commerce. We aim to enable students to form a sound understanding of business and an appreciation of potential future careers within it.

We explore the issues and activities involved in setting up, running and working in a business, in today’s challenging business environment.

  • PERSONALISED - RELATING SUBJECT KNOWLEDGE - Through study, students are given the opportunity to personalise their learning by relating their students to businesses or places that interest them
  • INCLUSIVE - IN CONTENT & UPTAKE - Through study, work experience & employer engagement to reflect the world to work
  • BALANCED - IN DESIGN - Through a combination of coursework & examination courses that allow students more flexibility
  • EFFECTIVE - IN SECURING QUALIFICATIONS & ALLOWING PROGRESSION - Through the opportunity given to students to uptake the course as a continuation or as a new subject in both Level 2 & 3
  • RICH - IN SPECIALISATION & BREADTH OF OFFER - Through course selection, units chosen within courses & staffing. Also the resourcing & thorough Quality Assurance in planning delivery & assessment of the course
  • COHERENT - IN EXPECTATION, COMMUNICATION & DELIVERY - Through logical courses that allow students to develop, progress & show their level of understanding
  • SEQUENTIAL - IN DESIGN, SKILL, ACADEMIC & WORK-RELATED LEARNING - Through lessons that build on skills, academic understanding & real-world application therefore allowing students to progress in the future