CCF (RAF) Programme & Activities

The CCF (RAF) programme revolves around flying and aviation.  All cadets learn basic aviation theory, which includes the principles of flight, aircraft operations and meteorology.  Then they put this theory into practice, by flying in powered aircraft and gliders.  For many Cadets this is the most exciting part! 

Our Cadets will get the opportunity to fly with experienced RAF pilots in a light aircraft.  The Cadets are given the opportunity to experience all the thrills of flying and are encouraged to fly manoeuvres themselves.  This is incredibly exciting and does wonders for their self-confidence.  Cadets can fly solo in a Glider before they can learn to drive a car!

For Cadets who show aptitude and demonstrate a positive attitude, there are opportunities to undertake a gliding or flying scholarship.  This enables a Cadet to accrue a considerable amount of flying hours, which could be prohibitively expensive if undertaken with a civilian club, and could be the stepping-stone to a rewarding sport or career in aviation. 

Cadets also have the opportunity to challenge themselves with adventurous training.  They may be selected to represent the UK or school on the International Air Cadet Exchange programme, or develop their potential on the Air Cadet Leadership Course.



St George’s CCF is fortunate to have a core team of dedicated staff, together they have over 90 years Armed Services experience.  The staff work with the cadets and are responsible for the design and delivery of our CCF programme. 

If you have any questions, or would like further information about joining our CCF, please contact us through the CCF office on 01529 301166 or email