SEND Information for Students


Sometimes you might feel a bit worried or confused in school and not know what to do about it. There might be times when you find learning a bit difficult. These questions might help you to work out what to do if you feel like this.

How do I know if I need extra help?

We all struggle sometimes; with work, friendships and our home lives and this can make us feel sad, frustrated or angry.  If you ever feel like this please talk to an adult, speak to your parents / carers, form tutor or any other member of staff in school. They will know what to do, or if they don’t they will know who to ask!

What do I do if I think I need extra help?

Again you must speak to someone in school, and your parents / carers. They can then look at where you are having the most difficulties and help you sort it out.

If I do need help, how can I be involved in the planning?

If it is thought to be appropriate then you will be given a named TA, they will speak to you about what you want to happen and how you feel things are going at the moment. You will then attend the review meeting with Mrs Jones, Mrs Garner or Mrs Walker, your parents / carers and any other adults we might need to help us. Don’t worry about this meeting, it is about you and making sure the things we put in place are OK by you and will be helpful.

How will I know if I am doing well?

All of your successes will be celebrated, you know that you will receive daily feedback from teachers via marking, termly feedback via interims and reports and there will be at least two review meetings with Mrs Jones, Mrs Garner or Mrs Walker to check everything is on track.