Welcome to Talent Pathways at St George’s Academy! 

As our new Year 7 students have started their journey at the Academy, it has been an absolute pleasure to look though all of the research that the students have started over the summer break, linked to their chosen Talent Pathway. Please click below to see some examples of the students’ work:

What are Talent Pathways?

From the very start of Year 7, we are keen to find out as much as we can about the skills and ambitions of our students, and also the things that interest each of them the most. This is so that we can help students to develop their talents as they move through the Academy.  To get started on this journey, we ask each student to choose a ‘Talent Pathway’ linked to something that they are particularly interested in, so that they can begin some research linked to this before they join us at the Academy in September.

There are a range of different Talent Pathways to choose from, with a specific research project linked to each one. Whichever one is chosen, there is a ‘big question’ for the student to base their research on before September, and they will then have the opportunity to build upon this during Year 7.  Hovering over each tile will reveal the big question for each of the Talent Pathways.

We realise that choosing a pathway will be a difficult decision for some students, so we have created some videos for each to help them to choose and also to give them some ideas to get started. These can be viewed by clicking on each tile below.






Once you have chosen your pathway, please let us know what you will be working on by completing the survey at the bottom of the page. You are then ready to get underway, capturing all of your thoughts and research in your ‘Talent Pathway Scrapbook’, provided to you on the Year 6 Induction Day.

Please bring your scrapbook with you at the very start of Year 7 (the first day of school) so that we can see the excellent research that you have already carried out by that stage. Remember – we are not expecting you to have completed everything at that point, but we would like you to have made a strong start to your research, using the videos on the website to guide you along the way. Therefore, it is really important that you keep your Talent Pathway Scrapbook very safe!

Until then, happy researching!