Our Mission

"Aiming High to Achieve Excellence for All"

Our mission summary statement is at the centre of all we do. We are aiming for excellence in every aspect of our work and the education we provide for the children in our care. 

  • Excellence in the curriculum offer which supports each individual to realise their full potential across a range of vocational, academic and talent subject areas
  • Excellence in teaching and developing the students into highly effective learners for life, using the latest research methods and technological developments
  • Excellence in the range of opportunities for personal development, which support each individual to realise their ability to contribute to society
  • Excellence in the level of support and attention for the individual students and their well-being, outstanding levels of investment in pastoral staff and specialist SEND and mental health professionals
  • Aiming high in terms of standards of behaviour and conduct, underpinned by our values of respect, tolerance and teamwork
  • Aiming high in terms of the life chances and future goals for our students, in terms of the extra-curricular opportunities and achievements, taking our place on the national stage in sport and in the creative and expressive arts.

British Values

At St George’s we uphold traditional British values and seek to ensure through assemblies and across the curriculum that our provision enables students to:

  • develop their self-esteem and self-confidence
  • distinguish right from wrong and to respect the rule of law
  • accept responsibility for their behaviour, show initiative and understand how they can contribute positively to the lives of those in their community
  • acquire a broad general knowledge of and respect for public institutions and services
  • show tolerance of different cultures, traditions and faiths
  • show respect for other people
  • show respect for democracy and support for participation in the democratic processes

School Values

At St George’s Academy, we believe our ethos is fully underpinned by the Academy Values as chosen by the students. These themes run throughout our assemblies and life skills programme; they are interwoven into the House System and evident in our day to day life.
Respect Teamwork
Excellence Tolerance
Ambition Opportunity