Rotary Tech Tournament

12 Students from year 8 and 10 respectively went from the Sleaford campus and 6 year 10s and 7 year 8s went from Ruskington campus to compete in the Rotary Tech tournament at KSHS.
Students were asked to build a unknown machine to compete a challenge.  This year, students competed against KSHS, Carres and William Robertson School to make a machine which could carry supplies across a tightrope above a crocodile infested river. 
Students were not only judged on the final machines performance but on their team of 4's teamwork and design process, all judged in a separate portfolio they had to create. 
The junior and senior challenges were marked by independent judges from local businesses out of 100; 50 for the machine and 50 for teamwork and their portfolio.
In our Senior team, Sleaford campus did extremely well and came 2nd!
In our Junior team we won!  The winning team consisted of:
They were super happy, as they won some vouchers and we as a school got to bring home the trophy which we previously held in 2022.