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Computing and ICT


ICT is compulsory for all students throughout Years 7-9, studied for 1 hour a fortnight in Year 7, 1 hour a week in Year 9, a 13 hour block in Year 8. Students follow a series of modules during KS3, ranging from network familiarity to programming. In Years 10 & 11 students are able to opt to continue with ICT or Computing. In The Sixth Form students have a similar choice of courses to those in KS4 and may opt for any of these whether or not they have studied ICT in Year 10 & 11.

Key Stage 3

Students in Year 7 will study the use of popular types of application software including; Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Desk Top Publishing, Multimedia and the correct use of The Academy network. The different software types are used regularly during the key stage as part of a topic or module. Year 8 students will study an ICT module for approximately 13 weeks which will extend the students thinking and planning skills and the integration of more than one piece of software. Once in Year 9 students will be studying a mix of ICT and Computing units in order to prepare them for KS4 option choices.

Key Stage 4

Students in Years 10 & 11 study either the Cambridge National in ICT or GCSE Computing, however, these are options in KS4. Students following The Cambridge National will complete an examination in ‘Understanding Computer Systems’, a controlled assessment entitled ‘Create Business Solutions’ and then two units selected from; Multimedia Design, Video/Sound Editing, Advanced Spreadsheets, Advanced Databases, Digital Images or Programming. Students studying Computing will learn about the more technical aspects of computers including; programming concepts, system architecture, hardware, software, number systems and more.

Key Stage 5

Students in Years 12 & 13 have a choice of three courses. A introductory diploma or a diploma award in the Cambridge TEC at Level 3 in ICT or an ‘A’ Level in Computer Science. The Cambridge TEC at Level 3 in ICT is 100% coursework and is moderated by the exam board. The ‘A’ Level in Computer Science is a written exam and paper during A Level and two written papers during AS Level which are both assessed by the exam board. The topics studied are similar to those studied in KS4 on The Cambridge National at a more advanced level.