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Business Studies

Key Stage 3

In Year 9 students study ‘Business Enterprise’ and the tools used for financial management including cash flow forecasts. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to research and develop a business idea culminating in the presentation of their business pitch at the year group competition with awards, hosted by a local business. 

Key Stage 4

IBFS – Certificate in Financial Education – Level 2

A study of borrowing, saving and business finance with 2 online examinations and a written paper with pre-see case covering business finance for a small start-up business. This course is aimed to provide a solid understanding of money both as an individual and as a potential entrepreneur. 

EDEXCEL – First Award in Business– Level 2 BTEC

This NQF qualification is designed to give students a flexible and predominantly coursework focussed approach to studying a full programme of business studies. This course includes field visits, for example Alton Towers and a programme of applied learning, with case studies and project work supported by guest speakers and student research. An external examination of one of the core units is also taken, which is worth 25% of the final grade.

EDEXCEL- First Award in Travel & Tourism - Level 2 BTEC

This NQF qualification is constructed to give students a thorough understanding of business studies in the context of the Travel and Tourism industry. This course includes field visits, a programme of applied learning with case studies and project work, based on both the UK and International tourism industry. An external examination is taken, which covers the travel and tourism industry and is worth 25% of the final grade.

Key Stage 5

IBFS - Certificate in Financial Education

This course is graded as a GCSE and is taught alongside the enrichment and tutorial program run in year 13 of the sixth form. It explores the concepts of budgeting, earnings and saving/borrowing etc alongside a review of financial products, the associated costs, risks and benefits. It is assessed in three short multiple answer papers, taken on line.

OCR Cambridge Technical Level 3 Extended Certificate & Diploma

Designed with the workplace in mind, this vocational Business course offers a wide range of centre assessed unit with practical and wider project based opportunities, as well as examined units on the Business Environment, Business Decisions and Working in Business. The double award, equivalent to two A levels, has a core of marketing, based on studies conducted at companies such as Alton Towers and BT.

EDEXCEL - Travel & Tourism Extended Certificate & Diploma

This qualification is designed to give students a broad practical but equally solid theoretical understanding of the Travel & Tourism sector, the characteristics and trends in this industry as well as financial planning skills. The course aims to also promote an appreciation and development of practical skills through a range of hands on practical projects. For example, students are expected to research plan, market and organise a joint group event and in addition plan and deliver their own personal guided tour of a location of their choice. This is assessed by examination and coursework portfolio.