Student Portal

Bromcom Student Portal

What is the Student Portal?

The student portal by Bromcom is a mobile app and website which bring together important information relating to each student’s educational journey whilst at the Academy.  

Students are able to check timetables; view attendance records; see upcoming exam timetables; check what  homework has been set; view interim reports; and bookmark important educational websites.

How to log into the Student Portal?

The student portal is currently being trialled with Years 7, 8 & 11, with a full rollout to all other year groups in September 2025. It can be access via the website or through a downloaded app on a smartphone phone.  
Invitation codes are sent to the students Academy email address, with a School ID (12802), unique username, and invitation code. Simply press the link in the email or go to the website and select Redeem Invitation code, where you will be asked to put in your school email address, and select a password (on the app you will also be asked to set up a pin code). Once set up a confirmation email will appear in your inbox asking you to verify your email, and once verified you can now reset your password via the website\app. 

Please see below for the most frequent issues:

Q: The app says I don’t exist?
A: Chances are you are trying to re-register using your Invitation Code. This can only be used once, and if you cannot remember your login details or password, simply select Forgotten Login Details on the website\app and follow the on-screen instructions.

Q: What is the Academy ID?
A: It is 12802

Q: It does not recognise my email address when I log in?
A: Your email address is only required to reset your password. You have been sent a unique username which you login with. You will find this on the original email you were set with the invitation code.

Q: Can I log in using my Microsoft credentials?
A: Unfortunately this option does not work on the mobile app (only the website) so to avoid any confusion, this is not currently available to students.

Q: I have forgotten my password
A: As long as you have verified your email address, you simply need to go to the website\app and select Forgotten Login Details

Q: I have forgotten the pin on my mobile app.
A: Deleted and reinstall the app. You will be asked to set up a new pin.

Q: It won’t accept the password I have chosen.
A: Please ensure that it follows the standard complexity of being a minimum of 8 characters, and containing a minimum of three out of the following four items, a capital letter, a lowercase letter, a number and\or a symbol

Q: I am a parent, can I access my child’s Student Portal?
A: Parents are provided with their own portal called the MCAS app (My Child At School) For more information please visit our MCAS page here.

If you have any other technical issues relating to the student portal, please visit the ICT Support Office or email the ICT Support Helpdesk (from your Academy email) via 

To access Bromcom Student Portal use one of the links below:

To download the app to your device:

Disclaimer: We would though like to remind parents\carers and students, that just because the Student Portal is available as an app, mobile phones are still banned on the Academy grounds throughout the school day as per government guidance. Students can however view the portal, via the Bromcom VLE website, using one of our many computers available throughout the Academy.