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Sixth Form Support for Sleaford Larder

Five of our Sixth Form students:  Eve, Tyler, Owen, Archie and Honor, took bags of food and everyday essentials to the Sleaford Larder.  The goods had been collected by their fellow students following a recent appeal for donations.

Ralph, from the Sleaford Larder, said that food donations had dropped by 5%, and this has led to empty crates that would usually have been full of food. As a result they are not always been able to get help to those who need it most.

As well as delivering food, the Sleaford Larder also put people in touch with all kinds of appropriate agencies, which can also include homing and financial assistance. The agencies who provide families with financial help, do require the families to repay any loans, but for people who struggle with repayment, they are taught how to manage their budgets better to avoid slipping into the same situation over time. The services Sleaford Larder provide are a real life-line.

Ralph also said that since the introduction of Universal Credit in the UK, the number of people needing financial and food help has risen by 47% year on year. This means that more people need provisions from the Sleaford Larder, but unfortunately fewer people are now donating. The Larder is very concerned that, if people don’t start to donate more then there won’t be enough supplies to give people enough and help for their families to survive.

Sleaford Food Larder 2019 Sleaford Food Larder 2019 Sleaford Food Larder 2019

For more information about the Sleaford Larder visit their website and when you are next shopping why not purchase a couple of extra items to donate.