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'The Ruskington Project' - Changing Perceptions and Improving Lives

As part of work experience week some year 12 students were challenged by Ruskington Parish Council to analyse village questionnaires (355) and make recommendations for developing the 3 play areas in the village. At the beginning of the week there was a site visit with councillor Rosemary Sedgbarth and the rest of the week the team have been analysing, sourcing funding and doing models of the suggested projects they might undertake.
There was a great amount of team work and evidence of other skills for them to talk about on their CVs and Personal Statements. We are very proud of them!
Mrs Watson


Here in their own words is how they feel the week has gone...

From rags to riches - an ambitious group of students aim to take on the lifeless and rustic park environments in the hope of transforming them into a paradise for children, where their imaginations can run wild.

Alongside our fellow peers: Meghan, Ryan, Ronaldo, Sophie, Libby, Joshua, Eugenie, Dan, Charlotte, Bethany and Andrew; The Ruskington Project gave us the opportunity to work as a team and use our initiatives and creativity. The assigned project included the regeneration and revitalisation of the four main parks in Ruskington: Elm Tree, Westbeck, Hillside and Parkfield Road. Despite many of us being residents in Ruskington, some of us were not familiar with the surrounding area. Therefore, councillor Rosemary Segebarth outlined aspects of the parks and the changes that had previously occurred, as well as the possible changes for the future. Finally, the group returned to St George’s Academy, Ruskington to discuss proposals to be put forward to the Parish Council.  

In order to gain a diverse outlook on people’s perceptions of the environment we discussed our ideas and delegated roles to individuals. Meghan and Ryan had backgrounds in product design and graphics, so they took on the task of designing a sports area for the dilapidated tennis court of the Parkfield site. Additionally, Eugenie researched potential grants and funds to contribute towards the regeneration of the parks. The remainder of the team used specific questions from the questionnaire and put the data into pie charts and tables, based on the equipment children wished for, according to age.

Next we finalised our findings and pieced it together to put it into a presentation. As well as this, a few members of the group began working on models in order to visually represent our ideas. Finally, we added the finishing touches to the models and then rehearsed our presentation. To conclude, we presented our findings and ideas to the Parish Council. We also took the time to show the prototype for our parks and explain why we chose designs, which were based on the budget available for our project.
By Harriet & Francesca