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RAF & Tomorrows Engineers Visit

Here at St George’s Academy we have hosted a variety of STEM workshops to promote the subjects and enthuse pupils to follow careers in this area. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Maths. Careers linked to these subjects have a huge shortage of applicants, with it being predicted that the UK will be short of around 1.25 million engineers by 2025 (tomorrows engineers). St George’s is keen to promote these subjects and give our pupils the best chance of contributing to British engineering.

RAF Roadshow - With apprenticeship applications on the rise, it is now a career path worth considering, and the RAF were keen to show potential career paths with themselves. A whole host of different careers are available, from engineers to caterers and even working in the cyber security sector. The use of drones is on the up, with pupils getting to experience this technology first hand. The presentation was enjoyed by both Year 8 and Year 9 pupils.

Pupils also looked at the four forces of flight, showing that the Physics they learn in lesson have a direct impact of the workings of many aspects of life around them. A series of demos and pupil interaction pursued, including a look at a Ruben’s tube and the Bernoulli effect.


Tomorrow’s Engineers Energy Quest - Two year 8 classes were given the opportunity to spend the morning learning about where our energy will come from in the future – and how they could impact this. The workshop was made up of four interactive, curriculum-linked sessions. The Energizer workshop ran on the day with the help of a scientist or engineer – Tom from EDF, an electrical engineer, came along to offer help and share his experience of a career in engineering.

The workshop aims to improve pupils’ understanding of energy as a resource and the role that engineering plays in the UK’s energy industry. Pupils first learnt about what an engineer is, and all the different types of engineer and career paths available to them. Everything from the future of energy to the cosmetics industry.

Pupils then went on to learn about the different types of energy resources available, discovering that currently 30% of the UK’s energy supply comes from coal – a source that may run out very soon. The group universally decided that wind energy is the way forward for the UK. They were then given the chance to get hands on with the subject, building and testing their own wind turbines. Competition was close, but the winning team was able to generate 5.2V!


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