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‘Mission Contamination’ Young Writers Competition

‘Mission Contamination’, a Young Writers competition set to challenge students to write a mini saga, a story in just 100 words.
The competition theme was ‘An epic catastrophe has struck bringing with it a wave of contamination. The catastrophe wiped out civilisation as we know it and now the contamination is coming for what’s left... Will the survivors manage to build up resistance or will too many become contaminated, eliminating everything in their wake?’.
Students could interpret the theme in any way they wished. With a chance for them to be taken to perilous places and help them create thrilling, death-defying fiction.
The following students work is being published; Alyss, Demi, Aj, Minnie, Imogen, Millie-May, Luc, George, Lucas, Heidi, Bethan, Rhys, Freya, Grace, Connor, Alex, Henry, Owen, Rosie, Libby, Michael, Logan, Kasey, Phoebe, Ronny, Kyle, Neve, Naomi, Lili-Ella, Lauren, Jacob, Laura, Jacob, Eve, Dakota, Billie-Louise, Anya, Shayni and Olivia.


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