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It's "Good" in every aspect again for St George's Academy says OFSTED

I am delighted to share a copy of the report from our recent Ofsted inspection. I hope you enjoy reading the overwhelmingly positive comments made by inspectors about St George’s Academy (Sleaford and Ruskington Campuses), its students, staff, governors and partners. The report confirms that St George’s continues to be a really good school with the capacity to become even better.

The Ofsted team examined all our work in detail, inspected the quality of teaching and learning and rigorously tested our own self-evaluation processes. They involved staff, students, governors and parents and produced a summative document which celebrates our achievements and gives us further challenges. I was particularly pleased with inspectors’ comments about our students and their positive attitude to learning. In addition, I was heartened to see that Ofsted recognise that “Teachers and pupils have very positive relationships” and how we, as an Academy, have “responded very well to the areas for improvement from the last inspection”. Here are just some of the highlights from the report:

Academy Leadership

“The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection”
“You have responded very well to the areas for improvement from the last inspection”
“You and senior colleagues work well as a team”
“You demonstrate that you know the school well and the self-evaluation is accurate”
“You have high expectations and are not complacent about what needs improving”
“The detailed plans to address any areas that require improvement are clear and appropriate”
“Inspection evidence indicates that leaders have made good progress in challenging the most able pupils, especially in key stages 3 and 4”
“The governing body provides you with effective support and challenge. Governors are provided with timely information by leaders and have a clear understanding of data”
“The progress of disadvantaged pupils has been improving”
“The school’s strategies to support disadvantaged pupils are having a positive impact on their progress. Teachers are much better equipped to meet the needs of disadvantaged pupils in the classroom”
“Systems have been set up to track the performance of disadvantaged pupils more effectively and to provide support to those pupils who are not on track to meet their targets”
“Record-keeping is of a good quality and any concerns are logged promptly and followed up appropriately”
“The school works well with a range of outside agencies to support pupils and make sure that they are kept safe”
“Leaders and governors have ensured that the school’s policies and procedures for keeping pupils safe are fit for purpose”

Student Behaviour and Safety

“Teachers and pupils have very positive relationships. Pupils are polite, well mannered and behave very well in lessons and around the school”
“Pupils follow instructions quickly and lessons flow with minimal disruption. Instances of serious poor behaviour are rare and, consequently, exclusions are low”
“Pupils with whom inspectors spoke explained that they know who to talk to if they have any worries or concerns. Pupils are well informed about what they can do to keep themselves safe. Pupils also say bullying is rare and, if it occurs, is generally dealt with well by staff”
“You make sure that all staff and governors fully understand their safeguarding responsibilities. You provide regular training to ensure that their knowledge is kept up to date. Consequently, staff understand the procedures they must follow if they have concerns about a pupil, and you have established a culture of vigilance in the school”

Quality of Teaching

“Teachers use questioning effectively to probe pupils’ knowledge and understanding. Consequently, most pupils make progress in most subjects”
“They (Teachers) plan lessons effectively and encourage pupils to participate well”
“Since the last inspection, there has been a whole-school drive on improving extended writing, and pupils are now writing at greater length”
“The sixth form provides a good range of courses. Staff work successfully to ensure that students are placed on the most appropriate courses to meet their needs”

The Ofsted judgement on St George’s Academy marks another landmark moment in the history of the school. It is the staff, governors and students who are responsible for its success and I would like to pay tribute to them for their hard work, dedication, enthusiasm and commitment. I would also like to thank our parents and partners for their support. We can now move forward with renewed confidence, secure in the knowledge of the positive impact St George’s Academy has on the lives of its students.

Yours sincerely
Wayne Birks
Principal, St George’s Academy

Ofsted 2019 Feb February Report

Click Here to view the full OFSTED report