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Greenpower Racing for Victory

The Greenpower team has got off to a great start this term with the first race taking them on a nice trip down to Dunsfold Park, near Guildford.

All 3 cars went with them with the main objective being to get Mistral in to the final and train new driver Abi ready for the rest of the season. In race 1 there were a few little issues with data logging and gear ratios but it was good race all round for Blaze, finishing 3rd (32 miles), just 12 seconds off 2nd place and the fastest lap of the day for the F24 category. Mistral had to achieve 30.5 miles to get it into this year’s final and due the lost time from a red flag at the start of the race, this was going to be a tall order. It finished 13th (25.7 miles). Sirocco welcomed a very nervous and quiet Abi to the party during the first race, achieving 17th (25.7 miles), not a bad effort at all for a first time out with Neve and Naomi.

A few minor tweaks and a couple of tyre changes during the break and they were back out on the track for Race 2. A gear change for Mistral and a mini service for Sirocco saw them both creep up in to the top 10. Mistral trundled round for the full 90 minutes finishing 6th (34.3 miles) and securing a place in the final thanks to Eloise, Maddy and Olivia. Sirrocco had a much better race finishing 10th (31.2 miles) and still putting in the same times for its laps as it was at the start. Blaze started well, taking the lead after the first lap and then sitting in for second until the last 15 minutes, where it was just too much to hold on to. Lap times started to die off finishing 3rd (37.4 miles) but another amazing achievement for Callum, Crystal and Ethan. Overall a very successful trip for the team with a huge hand to Billy who has taken over the reins from Jessica.

Next race took the team to Castle Combe. All 3 cars were taken to the event to be used to try different styles of driving and new drivers. The event was very important for the team’s oldest car Sirocco. Sitting in 54th place overall, it had a very good chance of not making the final. To add to the misery it had an accident in the practice which left it with 2 buckled wheels and a slightly bent axle. After a few minor fixes we started Race 1 with all 3 cars making it to the start line.

Race 1 went fairly well for all 3 cars. Blaze went off at a steady pace, sitting in 2nd and 3rd for long periods of the race. Unfortunately it dropped off in the last 15 minutes of the race, finishing 7th but with its best mileage of the season (38.9 miles). The aim was top 10 in this very competitive race so a pretty good effort. Sirocco and Mistral both trundled round finishing 19th (31.5 miles) and 16th (35.2 miles) respectively. Not a bad effort but still too close for comfort for Sirocco.

Race 2 saw a different style of driving for the Blaze team. An interesting experiment! Again, doing very well and finishing 7th with another 38.9 miles under its belt. Sirocco needed a huge improvement and it came from nowhere. It went out with 3 very determined young girls, finishing 11th (37 miles). Mistral did another trundle and did 35.2 miles finishing 13th.

On to the International Final! 6th October @ Rockingham