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Exams MADE Easy

GCSE and A-Level exams are in full flow but it is also an important time for our Year 10 students who are about to embark on their own end of year exams. Whlst these are a good opportunity to assess what the students have learned, we thought this would be a good time to bring in some experts and offer our students a chance to learn and experience a number of difference revision techniques in order for them to discover which ones work for them best. We hope that by doing this in Year 10 it will empower them to feel confident, ready for their final year.

MADE have been running motivational training sessions since 2010 and have a great track record of success. They work with students to cover a number of different revision and exam preparation strategies from creating cue cards to memory techniques. Students are also taught how to analyse their own performances and prioritise their efforts in order to beat procrastination.

At the end of each session the students were asked to feed back. These are some of their comments:

“Very insightful, encouraging techniques which are simple to use”
“I now know more simple but powerful ways of revising. I will now be able to work out which ones are best for me”
“The workshop has been very good and shown me revision can be fun and easy”
“Opened my eyes. I have a better understanding of how to revise”
“I know new techniques and feel more confident on how to revise properly”
“It made me see how easy and fun revision can be”
“Gave me a way to relieve the stress of revision”
“I now known more effective techniques to revise and help me do well in my exams”
“Motivated me to really knuckle down and do the best I can do (and that revision isn’t as hard as I thought)”
“It has helped me to see that learning and revision can be fun”
“It was a good workshop that I will definitely use in the future as I have learnt a lot”

When asked whether the students had enjoyed the workshop and found the content useful, 97% responded with a positive yes. 96% of the Year 10 students also claimed that they would definitely be using the techniques they had learned in the workshop in their future preparation and revising.  

Whilst MADE were on site some of our Year 12 students were also treated to some short power sessions based on Goals and Aspirations, which focused on developing positive habits for success, and Rapid Revision techniques, which helps students to focus and memorise key information.

Once again there was nothing but positive feedback, with 100% of students saying that they had fully enjoyed their workshop experience. Here are a few of the comments made by our year 12 students:

“I realise ambitions are achievable”
“It allowed me see that I can control my mind and how I can revise more effectively”
“It has helped me understand how to operate my time effectively”
“Gave me new ways to revise and achieve my goals”
“This will allow me to increase the efficiency for all the revision in my subjects”