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Arts Day for Students

Year 8 students over both campuses took part in a special Arts Day creating a range of different media pieces. The topic given was space, where students were doing music, dance, drama and art. 

Music created a 40 piece Orchestra where they played their own version of David Bowie's ' Space Oddity' using a wide range of instruments, while others created digital pieces of music alongside a film clip taken from the film Gravity.

Art made alien masks and sculptures out of clay. This made imaginations run wild, coming up with strange but clever designs.

Dance students were invited to show off their skills, with a local dance school choreographer, who worked on a space style dance.

Finally, Drama constructed creations of aliens going into outer space. The drama pieces were acted out alongside a space theme backing track and contained elements of drama including stage fights, costumes and visual backgrounds.

Olivia in Year 8 said “It’s a great way to learn new skills while having fun. “

Hugo added “I did the models in Art and it helped me to improve my hand to eye co-ordination. “

Mr London said “Having spent the day with students working with music technology, I hope it allows them to explore more about music technology and to show there is more to music than playing an instrument. “

Amy, the outside dance choreographer commented “It was a pleasure to teach both the Sleaford and Ruskington campus, and great to meet the talent through this opportunity. “


Overall the students enjoyed the day and it is hoped to be repeated again.