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Anti-bullying Ambassadors

Twelve students from St George’s joined other schools at Robert Pattinson School in Lincoln to begin training as Anti-bullying Ambassadors.  The training involved identifying different types of bullying, including some areas which the students had not considered before. Guidance was also given of how to deter bullying, and hopefully completely stop it where possible.

When asked their thoughts on the Anti-bullying scheme, this is what they had to say:  

“I wanted to be an ambassador because I wanted to help people who are struggling with bullying and so I wanted to try and prevent it so nobody has to experience it as the effects bullying can have on people can be permanent”.

“To me Anti-bullying means to prevent people from going through the pains of being bullied because nobody should experience that feeling or go through the pain”.

St George’s Academy does not condone any type of bullying and we wish the students all the best on their new endeavour.

anti bully bullying ambasadors 2019

Did you know that St George's Academy has its own Anti-Bullying hotline? Whether you are reporting an incident, or you need help yourself, please feel free to call us on 01529 301199 or email All correspondence is dealt with in strict confidence.