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Fairtrade in the News

  • Tue 07 Jun 2016
    I am pleased to announce that the Academy has recently received a certificate for the Fair Achiever School reward, the highest award given out to only a small number of schools, a great accomplishment. There has been a lot of work behind achieving this, and this means we can call ourselves a...
  • Wed 25 Feb 2015
    Fairtrade fortnight is here, across the Academy numerous events to promote fairtrade produce will be taking place. One that is of special interest is the free samples of fairtrade chocolate being given away. For an explination have look on our fairtrade fortnight page, there is a brilliant...
  • Thu 27 Feb 2014
    Fairtrade Fortnight is ongoing and with Sleaford being designated a Fairtrade Town, primary school children have been invited to spread the word. St George’s Academy is a Fairtrade School, championing the initiative to give a fair price for growers and producers in developing countries...
  • Thu 30 Jan 2014
    This Year we are looking to promote the Fairtrade banana in our country. They're the most popular and most traded fruit in the world. In the UK alone we chomp our way through over 5,000,000,000 that's 5 BILLION. A quarter of these bananas sold are Fairtrade. In 2012 we spent over...
  • Wed 30 Oct 2013
    Thanks to pupils at St. George's Academy, Sleaford has once again been recognised as a Fairtrade Town. This status was originally awarded 18th June 2010 and renewed on 17th September 2013.  
  • Wed 02 Oct 2013
    It has been two years since Sleaford gained the accolade of Fairtrade Town from the national organisation, the Fairtrade Foundation. It has been two years since Sleaford gained the accolade of Fairtrade Town from the national organisation, the Fairtrade Foundation. The Sleaford Fairtrade Group...
  • Thu 07 Feb 2013
    The Sixth Form Resource Area for students at St George's is now completed, with some ethically sourced snacks available. Now St George's has been rebuilt and the Arnold Centre is complete, The Sixth Form area has been upgraded as Mrs Caslin, Head of Sixth Form, has driven forward the...
  • Thu 24 May 2012
    St George's Academy has successfully retained it's Fairtrade School Status. The report we recieved reads as follows: It is good to see that the school keeps promoting Fairtrade products despite the work going on in the school, well done for your efforts; the...
  • Fri 16 Mar 2012
    Businesses in and around Sleaford  have been showing their support for Fairtrade after efforts of Public Service students started their campaign. Public Service students in the Joint Sixth Form have been assisting the Fairtrade Steering group to promote Fairtrade...
  • Wed 14 Mar 2012
    St George's Academy Fairtrade Group were presented with the 'Young Sleafordians of the Year' award by the Mayor of Sleaford on Thursday 8 March 2012 recognising their efforts to highlight the benefits of Fairtrade to the local community. Sleaford Town Council and the Sleaford...
  • Fri 10 Feb 2012
    Students have been spreading the message of Fairtrade since 2007. The original form 9DWK first came about with the idea of selling Fairtrade goods to their classmates back in 2007, which was met with much enthusiasm by their peers. Following on from this, the students...
  • Thu 24 Nov 2011
    We are delighted that the pupils of the Academy who support the Fairtrade group have been awarded the Barry Senior Memorial Shield. The pupils do so much and so enthusiastically - it maintains the drive of the Academy to help others, to speak for those who are unable to speak. It is a credit to...
  • Mon 31 Oct 2011
    The Fairtrade Foundation have stated that Sleaford has renewed its Fairtrade Town status until October 2013; a copy of the Certificate is below - the original will be sent to the Mayor of Sleaford. The people of Sleaford can now celebrate the fact that the Town has been rewarded for their decision...
  • Fri 29 Jul 2011
    Campaigning pupils at St George's Academy are aiming to give our town Fairtrade Status for another year. The bid to renew Sleaford's status as a Fairtrade town has been sent off by the Academy and the pupils have been out and about in Sleaford to see how much of an impact the campaign has...
  • Thu 20 Jan 2011
    Businesses and shoppers in the Sleaford area are being urged to support this year's Fairtrade Fortnight, which will be taking place from February 28th to March 13. St George's Academy has been very active in helping to secure Fairtrade Town status for Sleaford and Bob Stoner of the academy...